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Playstation 4 Update Package list is online, but no PUP

Hey readers, as i posted a loooooong time ago on the Ps3 dev wiki (then moved by Euss on the PS4 Dev Wiki) the ps4 update list is finally online!! (yes, servers was already online, but not the files.)

what we can expect inside the PS4 firmware? well, we can get some information by reading the list (don't take my words as 'ABSOLUTELY TRUE', mine are just guesses :D )

<?xml version="1.0" ?> <update_data_list> <region id="jp" > <force_update> <system level0_system_version="00.000.000" level1_system_version="00.000.000" /> </force_update> <system_pup version="00.000.000" label="0.000" > <update_data update_type="full" > <image size="1" ></image> </u…