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NoRSX 0.3.0 Mandatory Update!

I have updated NoRSX to 0.3.0 THIS IS A MANDATORY UPDATE! Rebuild all your works, because there was a huge memory leak problem!

There was a problem with Font implementation. i forgot to free va_list and Freetype2 glyph and that caused a really hi memory corruption.

so please, update to this version!


NoRSX 0.2.9 Fixed XMB Glitch

Well, finally i have fixed the XMB glicth. now everything should work without any problem! i suggest to update your NoRSX copy, if you use my lib. have fun :D

i have added also Software Rescaling. do not expect great thing on this version. Rescaling is too much slow from virtual SD screen to real HD screen


MIPS R2000/R3000 Assembly highlighting syntax lang for Gedit

i have wrote an Assembly highlighting syntax lang for Gedit.

This will highlight only MIPS R2000 R3000 ASM code.

Anyway, it can be changed easily to be ported to any arch.

you can download it here: asm.lang

place inside /usr/share/gtksourceview*.0/language-specs/