PSChannel 1.09

This version will bring some improvements like allow fast translations of the homebrew.

Now you can install a theme or a translation easily and choose the pkg to download. in this way if you are on 3.55, you can install the 3.55 version, if on dex, the DEX/unsigned version, etc..

To choose the pkg, just press left or right and you will see the other pkgs available (if there are).
To install a Theme for PSChannel, you need to create a zip with the modified edj files and place the zip in the root folder of a usbkey; then you only need to go into 'info' and press triangle and it will install the theme. The zip MUST be called ''.

Translating the homebrew is quite easy. you only need a notepad that reads unix text files and translate it. PSChannel will read lines, so you can use spaces as you want. to install the files, you need to put the Categories.txt and/or Lang.txt into the root folder of a usb and go into 'info' and press triangle. it will install all the files.

You will find opium theme and the original Categories.txt and Lang.txt links at the end of the news.


  • Improved stability
  • Added the ability to choose the pkg to be downloaded
  • Added the ability to install custom themes
  • Added the ability to install translations
  • Added USB Scan
  • Fixed some minor bugs.. Blue Theme by Opium2k (click on the download button) (click on the download button)

you can download the new version here: PSChannel 1.09


  1. well i belive it caused me an error when trying to install from it (console coudn't shut down, and then went into recovery)

    1. did you press the PS Button? if yes, it's normal. i can't fix it since it's a bug due the port to PSL1GHT of the EFL libraries. just don't press the ps button.
      if not, tell me what you have done.

  2. well if i recall it was just wating for download to complete and then ....
    I'll try it again and post thanks for your effort.


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