PSChannel V1.03 Brewology Version

what is PSChannel ?

is a software that i wrote to allow users to download homebrews directly on their ps3, without needing a pc. it's like the Sony PS Store. An Opensource Homebrew Store.
this software is free and I will NEVER ask for money.

This version is just a little different from the one in my git due the request from the admin of Brewology (this means also that i will not release the source code of this version, but all the fix i will do in the future, will be done also on the code in my repository)

All the server side components provided by The Brewology Store (

if you find some bugs, please report them here:

i have tested this only on 3.55. i don't know if it will work on newer firmwares; if not, i will try to add 4.xx compatibility.

the Admin of Brewology told me to tell this:
To add/update your homebrew, please contact MonkeyMaximus on the Brewology forums for developer access.

This is a mandatory update.
Change log:
    Security updates.
    Added some server commands
    Small bug fix
    ‘theme’ folder, moved inside the USRDIR folder
    Author name will be displayed instead of the “Package” text
    Added force update if an old version.

Download it from


  1. Hey.

    I am currently developing drag0n, which was supposed to be a cross-platform package/homebrew manager. I'd like to know how you deliver package informations from the server to the client - and if it is dymanic even, so that the software can pull informations from mutliple servers. Because a chained project is Ph03n1x which was supposed to let developers and others upload packages for a varity of platforms. these packages would then be pupulated to clients using drag0n for installation. currently I was planning to use XML-based informations with the option to add depencies and pre/post install/remove scripts. Please contact me at, because i cant figure out the PM system on PSXscene x.x;

    1. my homebrew just simply request the xml from the server, download it, and read it. the server automatically re-generate an XML when you add homebrews, etc... when you add an homebrew it asks you some information. anyway most of the information got are from the package itself. when you upload it, the server can read and 'unpack', if necessary, to get informations.


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