EFL Simple test

since that famous dev (Kakaroto) wrote an example with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, i had the idea to test it too.

i read the references (quite simple) and i wrote a simple example based on Ecore + Evas libs.

i want alwasy to thanks KaKaRoTo for his work. always awsome!
i will release the files soon.

I love these libs. very, very well written!!

(ps, my example can be compiled with PSL1GHT :D ) 

[update #1]

i never thought tha edje would be so powerful. seems to be better then evas. you can simply generate a edj file from something that looks like css file and load it on your app.

if you want to try this: https://github.com/wargio/Simple_EFL_Example


  1. That's cool! Did you draw it yourself (directly using evas) or you used edge instead for the layout?
    I'm glad you liked it, can't wait to see what you can come up with :)

    1. i used directly evas. should i try edje?

    2. You're not forced to.. but I personally love edje! You can also mix and use both, you just need to put a "SWALLOW" type part, then you can assign any Evas_Object to it. Eleganz's UI is 100% using Edje.


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