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PSChannel V1.03 Brewology Version

what is PSChannel ?

is a software that i wrote to allow users to download homebrews directly on their ps3, without needing a pc. it's like the Sony PS Store. An Opensource Homebrew Store.
this software is free and I will NEVER ask for money.

This version is just a little different from the one in my git due the request from the admin of Brewology (this means also that i will not release the source code of this version, but all the fix i will do in the future, will be done also on the code in my repository)

All the server side components provided by The Brewology Store (

if you find some bugs, please report them here:

i have tested this only on 3.55. i don't know if it will work on newer firmwares; if not, i will try to add 4.xx compatibility.

the Admin of Brewology told me to tell this:
To add/update your homebrew, please contact MonkeyMaximus on the Brewology forums for developer access.

This is a mandatory update.
Change log:

Install Package 1.3

i have fixed a bug on this homebrew. now this tool is perfect (i hope).

my git was updated to this version (1.3) and on the 25th of December there will be a Christmas release.



EFL Simple test

since that famous dev (Kakaroto) wrote an example with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, i had the idea to test it too.
i read the references (quite simple) and i wrote a simple example based on Ecore + Evas libs.
i want alwasy to thanks KaKaRoTo for his work. always awsome! i will release the files soon.

I love these libs. very, very well written!!

(ps, my example can be compiled with PSL1GHT :D ) 

[update #1]

i never thought tha edje would be so powerful. seems to be better then evas. you can simply generate a edj file from something that looks like css file and load it on your app.

if you want to try this: