has been a long time since I've released an update of this homebrew. well i re-written it for the ... don't know, i have rewritten this app so many times that i lost the count, but i want to share with you this simple preview:
i want to say that the icons are temporary. this homebrew is still under development.. (oh, i was forgetting.. this will be version 1.0)


  1. Hi wargio, i have a problema with your PSChannel homebrew store, well, i dont know if it's a problem...

    When i compile the pkg with no modifications, install the pkg on my ps3 and run it, its very unstable, i mean... i can't go to categories coz lagg, and on the Games sections got stuck, i press the PS button on the controller and exit, and it reboots my ps3..

    can you help me please

    Soz my bad english, i am spanish

    1. PSChannel is not ready to be released. probably you are using an old build that can't do anything

  2. ok thanx deroad, great work with all your tutorials on and proyects, you are my idol!!

    i'm learning coding on c++ coz i wan't make ps3 applications.

    Where i can get the last source you released of pschannel?

  3. it's not ready to be released

  4. Hey deroad, As we talked about tonight here are some suggestions:
    * in-app pkg installer.
    * feed somewhere on the mainscreen that shows updated homebrew.
    * maybe show some information on the selected homebrew.
    * when pressing home button ask: "dow you want to return to xmb?".

    Great work deroad!


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