PS Seismograph - Strong Motion Seismometer

I have updated my old seismograph homebrew. now it is fully tested and can be used as a Strong Motion Seismometer.

As the old version does, this version uses all the axis of the first controller. It uses 1920x1080 resolution,
doesn't work on SD tv.


    - 0.0.1 -
      Initial Version
    - 0.1.9 -
      Added Cross, Triangle and Square Buttons on the screen
      Added Triangle button to allow people to see only a graph (if you press it 4 times it will show again everything)
      Added Square button to show the Max Gravity Accelleration of each axis (remind that G = 9.81 m/s^2)
      Changed the FPS text to the sampling period (it will be shown as centi-seconds)
      Added better buttons control.
      Added PIC1.PNG
      Changed ICON0.PNG

You can Download it here: [DOWNLOAD] PS_Seismograph.geohot.pkg


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