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PS Seismograph - Strong Motion Seismometer

I have updated my old seismograph homebrew. now it is fully tested and can be used as a Strong Motion Seismometer.

As the old version does, this version uses all the axis of the first controller. It uses 1920x1080 resolution, doesn't work on SD tv. Authors deroad Changelog: - 0.0.1 - Initial Version - 0.1.9 - Added Cross, Triangle and Square Buttons on the screen Added Triangle button to allow people to see only a graph (if you press it 4 times it will show again everything) Added Square button to show the Max Gravity Accelleration of each axis (remind that G = 9.81 m/s^2) Changed the FPS text to the sampling period (it will be shown as centi-seconds) Added better buttons control. Added PIC1.PNG Changed ICON0.PNG

You can Download it here:[DOWNLOAD] PS_Seismograph.geohot.pkg
[DOWNLOAD] PS_Seismograph.unsigned.pkg [GIT]PS_Seismograph Source Code

NoRSX with TTF support!

My lib has been updated to allow people to use *.ttf files instead of my old experimental font.
You can use any ttf loaded from memory or from hdd and print any kind of text as you want.
an example
This is the function that needs to be called to load a font from memory:
Font(u32 Color, u32 Size, const void *MemFont, u32 MemFont_size, Minimum *min);so for example if my font is Andale.ttf, and i want to load it from memory, i would call:

#include "Andale_ttf.h"//This file will be created from the Makefile.                         //just put your Andale.ttf inside the "data" folder int main(){           NoRSX gfx();           Font A(COLOR_WHITE, 40, Andale_ttf, Andale_ttf_size, &gfx); //this will allow you to print on the screen a White              //text with the Andale ttf and with a size of 40 pixel.              //to print any kind of text i've added a printf function:           A.Printf(100,300,"This is an example %i", 10);
//This will print on the screen a…