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PS3Tutorials translation

Well seems that Korben and his friends almost finished to translate the wiki in French. I started to translate it in italian, but it will be a looong work :( i don't have so much time.
anyway if you want to contribute, please tell me (also here) and i can explain you what you need to do. you can translate it into ANY language you want.
I added a translation menu on the left (the main code was from Korben - thanks for that -, but i implemented it to have a good look) you can use it to change page.
if you have suggestion, please write them down in this page.
i want to thanks all the guys that worked on this wiki.

System Controller Fw Reader

this is a new version of my Syscon Fw Reader. This simple program will read and show information about a Syscon Firmware package/binary
this is a small update.
To compile it, put it in the ps3tools folder and add the *.c name in the makefile or use my makefile ( Makefile ); add also this little_endian.h in the same folder.

Introducing Reverse Engineering to new Devs

I decided to write something that can help new devs to learn how to do reverse engineering. you don't need to be a genius to do this things. sometime some things are difficult, but others not. today you will see how easy is the reverse engineering. I decided to do it on a iPhone game (Galaxy on Fire 2)
This is quite simple. i downloaded a savegame from my iTouch. i usually start to find easy things. in this case i started to look for where the money value is located: As first thing, i loaded the game end i read the money that it shows:
in this case the value was $ 805.300.261. if i turn it to HEX, i'll get 0x2fffe825. now, on my dump made with hexdump (you can use a simple hex editor) it doesn't exist. Then i realized that the values were not in Big Endian, but in Little Endian, so i looked for the value 0x25e8ff2f and i found it on the offset 0x68. now this is the money offset. then i looked for a more complex thing: where, the quantity of an item that i have on my spac…