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Ps3tutorials Update

Finally someone has started to help me to fill the ps3tutorials wiki. I’m really happy! right now, some page has been translated to French. give a look to the French page [Page d'accueil PS3Tutorials] . i want to say thanks to Korben_ and bebou007 for their work! Anyway i wrote a partially finished tutorial on how to use my NoRSX on the wiki. (french page is better written)

PS Seismograph

Since i'm a physic, i developed a linux tool to do some experiments to reproduce a seismographer. so today i decided to try to write something similar to my university tool.
This is a simple Seismograph for ps3. it uses all the axis of the first controller.
it uses 1920x1080 resolution, so i don't know if it will ever work on SD tv.
Anyway i hope this can show how people can use PSL1GHT SDK

[Download] PS_Seismograph.geohot.pkg [Download] PS_Seismograph.pkg

(This software was written with NoRSX)

As requested this is the source code: [git]


it was a really long time since i stopped working on this lib. i've built this lib to have 60fps homebrews on ps3. right now this lib is partially finished. it works perfectly with images, but text functions are not ready to be released.
anyone that wants to start to build really simple HBs with my lib can download the src from my git: [GIT]
This lib works only with PSL1GHT V2
[UPDATE 1] i've updated the lib with some cool functions like generate rectangles

[UPDATE 2] i've updated again the lib with a sperimental text! (text MUST be in UPPERCASE.) i added a simple message dialog function. this is an example

these are an homebrew that i built with the latest NoRSX version that i released, and they will show you how fast is my lib with 1080p image as background.