vitatools v1.00

PUP Unpacker
[N Files]      18
Found:          version.txt | size:          7 Bytes
Found:          license.xml | size:     461278 Bytes
Found:         psp2swu.self | size:    4644748 Bytes
Found:      exec_file4.self | size:      42456 Bytes
Found:   package_data02.pkg | size:    2687211 Bytes
Found:   package_data03.pkg | size:    4124283 Bytes
Found:   package_data04.pkg | size:    2811003 Bytes
Found:   package_data05.pkg | size:    3966446 Bytes
Found:   package_data06.pkg | size:    4855791 Bytes
Found:   package_data07.pkg | size:    4771117 Bytes
Found:   package_data08.pkg | size:    4040281 Bytes
Found:   package_data09.pkg | size:    4243681 Bytes
Found:   package_data10.pkg | size:    4740306 Bytes
Found:   package_data11.pkg | size:    5606894 Bytes
Found:   package_data12.pkg | size:    4975852 Bytes
Found:   package_data13.pkg | size:    4834855 Bytes
Found:     package_scewm.wm | size:       4096 Bytes
Found: | size:       1024 Bytes

I uploaded a new version of pkg_reader and added the awsome pupunpack for PSVITA PUPs (i built this one right now. just 30 mins :D it works as the ps3 version. )!!

i hope that these tools will be useful someday!
i want to thanks fail0verflow team for their src. it's really useful for me (i made a few changes to the files to allow debug message)!

ps: the vita version was written entirely by me!

I will not write about this here anymore. if you want updates of this, check the git.


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