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This is a new software to convert a PARAM.HIP file to a PARAM.HIS (HIS are used by the PS3 as a change-log file). it can be viewed by going Game -> Triangle -> Update History This file needs to be located in the same folder as the PARAM.SFO ( /dev_hdd0/game/TITLE_ID/PARAM.HIS ). [DOWNLOAD]

(it can be compiled also for Windows)

vitatools v1.00

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I've update the PS3Tutorials wiki with a new page. [PS3Tutorials] How to call a Syscall as always, i hope that someone will find it useful.

Someone can check the grammar please? i'm not English and i usually make tons of grammar errors. thanks!

SFO Reader and SFO2SFX

Since today sandungas talked about a bug in the old SFO Reader, i immediately fixed it (you can find it here:
Then he started talking about SFX.
they are simple XML files that the ps3 can read as SFO.
this is an example:
<?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8"standalone="yes"?><paramsfoadd_hidden="false"><paramkey="ATTRIBUTE"fmt="int32"max_len="4">0</param><paramkey="CATEGORY"fmt="utf8"max_len="4">IP</param><paramkey="PARENTAL_LEVEL"fmt="int32"max_len="4">2</param><paramkey="TITLE"fmt="utf8"max_len="128">Beat Sketcher™</param><paramkey="TITLE_05"fmt="utf8"max_len="128">Beat Sketcher™ A mano libera</param></paramsfo> so i converted my SFO reader into a SFO to SFX converter.

you c…

Led Changer v2.0

This is a completely new version of Led Changer. The app allows you to change the colour of your system's LEDs (the power light) and keep it also on the XMB or while playing games/homebrews. This is NOT permanent; the first time that you turn off your PS3, the led will go back to normal
This version does NOT need any kind of external drive. all you need is a JoyPad; just it.
Now the app is Lighter (from ~1.2 Mb to ~145Kb), Faster, for all TVs (HD/SD) and Easier to use.

Before installing, you can delete the previous version (if you want to get more space).

[Downoload] Led Changer v2.0