Syscon Firmware Reader

First initial release of my Syscon Firmware Reader..

this little program will read the content of a PS3 Syscon Firmware Patch

This is a simple preview:

deroad@Linux: sc$ syscon SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000004.pkg

[Name FW] SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000004.pkg
[Gen  01][Phat]
[Soft ID] 0B8E
[PatchID] 0001000000000004
[FW size] 4096 Bytes
[SC  HDR] 1b2d700f
[CHKSUM?] cce4758b a0966da5 6c6722d3 4c2df73e
          d86187a4 2f1e2712 e45c7bcf d3020b45
[?static] 0000000000100000c00f0000


From what i can see this is the header 0x1b2d700f , the it has a kind of checksum then a static value 0x0000000000100000c00f0000
the rest of the FW is encrypted. it needs reversing

Syscon Firmware Reader V 0.01

i want to thanks Sandungas for his help to fill the More System Information wiki page, on the Ps3 Dev Wiki


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