Regarding any new 3.60+ JB or CFW

Ok, i want to explain it once for all. There isn't NOW a 4.11 CFW PS3 or Jailbreak.


Why i'm telling this? because people is stupid and keep looking for it.
If you find someone that post on twitter or ANY youtube video or some unknown website about a 4.11 CFW or ANY 3.60+ CFW they are FAKE!

So who trust? all the devs on the #ps3dev irc channel and KaKaRoTo.

Who is KaKaRoTo? he is a dev, well known on the ps3 scene and he is working on an HOMEBREW ENABLER, not a CFW!!

What is an Homebrew Enabler (also called HEN)? it's a software (i don't know how he will release it) that will enable a way to install homebrews and execute it.

What Homebrews will it execute? it will execute only normal homebrews, like emulators or any app that do not need any syscall. this means NO BACKUP LOADERS and there will be no way to play any pirated game.

Who i am to say this? well i'm not well known but i'm a dev and i only care about homebrews. i'm not interested about FW modding and piracy and i will never be.

Where to find more info about this HEN? well here:"Jailbreak"

If you really want to JB your ps3 you will need any ps3 that is on a fw lower then 3.56. if you have one with a 3.60+ FW you will need to check if it's jailbreckable (all the new models are unjailbreakable) and then, if it's possible, buy and hardware flash to downgrade to 3.55

Once you are on any FW lower 3.60 you will not able to play online.

These are a well known Scam website or fake ps3 devs

(any website called ps3cfw or ps3jailbreak) (SCAM WEBSITE) (Fake website)

Black Cat
Mooses 910
Mr. egg and all the egg devs


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